Drupal is a WWW-based software framework-, CMF-, content management-, and blog system, written in PHP. Drupal works with various database management systems, such as MySQL. The name "Drupal" comes from the dutch word "druppel" which means "drop" in english.

Drupal can be extended with various modules, plug-ins and extensios to improve online shops, image galleries, labor-management, project -management and mailing list management. Along with public WWW-sites, Drupal is also much used in intranet.

Drupal 7 was published in 2010. As one of the most popular and all-round content management systems, Drupal has grown and developed year by year. With Drupal, websites can be made from small sites to large and broad entities and versatile applications.



Easier to use   More editable

Renewed management pages make it easier to perform daily tasks. Also multiple improvements have been made to make it easier to build the site and add content on it.

  Your site can be extended with over 800 Drupal 7-modules. Define the content structure and add data fields on articles, users, comments and other content.
More scaling    Open Source

By using Drupal 7, your website serves fast even the larger amounts of visitors, thanks to improved JavaScript- and CSS- optimizations and cache memory solutions.

  Thousands of people are working together continuously in order to improve the Drupal-system.

Contact us, and we'll make you a high quality Drupal-based website , which will enable the growth of your business!


Popular websites made using Drupal

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